About Us

Sahra Al Arbiya

Sahra Al-Arbiya , known a SATCO, is one of the leading companies in Kuwait who specialized in Logistics and Supply Chain Management. As a specialist , we provide intelligent Supply Chain Solutions with highest level of quality. As a service provider, we strive to deliver the highest level of services to our customers. This commitment is rooted in trust and reliability, ensuring that customers can rely on SATCO to handle their shipments with care, efficiency, and professionalism. By focusing on these qualities, SATCO aims to build strong and long-lasting relationships with our customers.

Quality Conscious
As a company deeply committed to upholding and continuously improving exceptional quality standards, we have strategically built a proficient organization. Our dedicated team is composed of individuals with extensive expertise in their respective fields, ensuring that we possess the knowledge and experience necessary to provide top-tier services.

Our team of dedicated professionals operates with a steadfast commitment to a client-centric approach. This unwavering focus ensures that our services consistently not only meet but also exceed our clients' expectations and specific requirements.
Why Choose Us ?
As a leading logistics and transport company, we offer a comprehensive range of services that encompass everything from local transportation, overland trucking, air freight, ocean freight, custom clearance, last mile delivery, cargo insurance, sourcing and procurement, warehousing, equipment rentals & leasing, shipping documentation, ministry approval & attestation, office supplies etc.

Additionally, we specialize in tailoring our solutions to meet the unique requirements of our valued customers. Our primary objective is to attain the highest levels of customer satisfaction. We achieve this by ensuring the timely delivery of both products and services at the most competitive and reasonable prices in the market, all while maintaining the highest quality standards.
Our aspiration is to position ourselves as the top choice for customers seeking tailor-made, innovative, and sustainable solutions in Logistics and Transportation services.
We have a team of professionals who work closely with our customers to assist them in selecting the most suitable packages & services according to their specific needs. What sets us apart from others is our commitment to ensuring a seamless experience for our customers. We eliminate the need for our customers for pre-sales queries and after-sales service. This customer-centric approach allows us to stand out and take full responsibility for managing completely.
Assured Quality & Timely Delivery
In addition to guaranteeing quality and on-time delivery, we are committed to providing ongoing and consistent after-sales support for our products. This commitment serves to ease the burden on busy client managers, allowing them to dedicate their attention to other critical responsibilities within their areas of expertise.

At SATCO, we leverage our extensive expertise to create solutions that seamlessly blend aesthetics with functionality. Our deep understanding of business operations across diverse industries empowers us to offer innovative technology-driven solutions, fostering unmatched client satisfaction, upholding professional integrity, building trust, ensuring quality, and nurturing enduring and fruitful business relationships.

Logistics And Supply Chain Services